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A celebration of things – especially old things

Updated: Mar 12, 2019

Brown sofa black trunk
A few of Bala's pieces: an eclectic, artsy and quirky style

I’ve always had a passion for collecting things. Some may call me a hoarder (don’t trust them! :), but I believe old things should be valued, because they are someone else’s stories. If you are open enough or creative enough, everything has a purpose.

Moreover, doesn’t it just seem like a horrible waste to produce vast amounts of flat pack furniture when we can give another life to an old, existing, well built and meaningful piece? If not for this poetic reason, it should be for the sustainability. To give you an idea, Britons throw away 300,000 tonnes of reusable furniture each year, according to RSA and SUEZ research in 2015. This needs addressing – and I hope in a very small way Bala can be part of the solution. So it’s easy to understand why I decided to create Bala in the beginning of 2018. Bala is a celebration of the things I love – and the things I am yet to discover. So why that name? Because, apart from sounding really cool, it has a number meanings: ‘candy’ in Portuguese, ‘powerful’ and ‘young’ in Sanskrit. That simple! It’s exciting to bring this to life and I hope you enjoy it too!

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