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A genuine one-of, this incredible chalk and pencil drawing dates back to the 1880’s and yet retains its original intriguing character. From the hand of an anatomy student, likely Dutch or French, it is a unique piece that contains movement, personality and style.


The work is an exposé of the human body: one side shows muscle, the other bone. A great artwork for the lovers of medical history and a rare find. 


The drawing has been delicately and professionally restored, and mounted behind UV class in an oak veneer frame. There is some light staining and a horizontal tear to the piece - which at approaching 140 years old is expected. 



Please, if you have any enquiries, feel free to message us at  


If you need delivery, let us know as we can offer options. 


Collection is from GL52AZ or BA140RB.


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    79 cm x 36 cm (with frame)


    Please, if you need delivery, feel free to message us at or phone to (+44) 07780 782058, as we can offer options and prices may vary depending on where you are. 


    Collection is welcomed from GL52AZ or BA140RB.

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