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Finding inspiration in the unusual is the theme of this piece, called “Faceless”, by Brazilian visual artist Anunciação. Made of discarded bits of wood with nails, the sculpture forms an abstract yet recognizable shape of a face. According to the artist, it is a homage to the people of Salvador, where he was born: the city was the first slave port in the Americas and the African influences make it a centre of black culture. 


About the artist:

Anunciação is a Brazilian artist, from the chaotic and historic city of Salvador. In his inspiring studio – located in one of the busiest streets downtown –, he creates and shows his pieces. They are a reflection of the tough yet colorful lives and characters he sees around. 


Many of his works are made of reclaimed materials: he transforms garbage into sculptures and mixed media screens. Influenced by graffiti art and names like Basquiat, he is one emerging name in Latin America contemporary art. 


    Height - 29 cm

    Width - 18 cm 


    Please, if you need delivery, feel free to message us at or phone to (+44) 07780 782058, as we can offer options and prices may vary depending on where you are. 


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