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Disco will never die, and this gorgeous mirror ball is ready to party! It is an authentic 1980’s fever piece that will put a smile on everyone’s face. Yes, it is cheesy - and we are not ashamed :)


Beyond being into the nightlife, this disco ball is a big statement piece and would look wonderful in a sunny classy room.


It was reclaimed from a club in the London area and looks amazing: no mirrors are missing and condition is perfect for a vintage item. 


It comes with a hanging wire (80 cm) and a safety hook. Its diameter is 29.5 cm and weight is 1.7 kg. 


Please, if you have any enquiries, feel free to message us at  


If you need delivery, let us know as we can offer options. 


Collection is from GL52AZ or BA140RB.


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    Diameter - 29.5 cm

    Weight - 1.7 kg

    It comes with a hanging wire (80 cm) and a safety hook. 


    Please, if you need delivery, feel free to message us at or phone to (+44) 07780 782058, as we can offer options and prices may vary depending on where you are. 


    Collection is welcomed from GL52AZ or BA140RB.

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