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The fisherman’s happy expression contrasts with the strong brushes of different tones of brown, blue, green and orange. The work of Ukrainian artist Nikolay Filippovich Sukhoripa looks like a study or an unfinished piece, that still has loads of character. 


Dated from the 1960’s, it is a portrayal of life close to the Black Sea: a beautiful landscape of the then Soviet country. The oil painting transmits the calming aura of the place, showing also one of the faces of the local hard working men. 


The piece is in an unframed canvas and was purchased from the grandson of the artist.  



About the artist

Nikolay Filippovich Sukhoripa (1925-2010) comes from the Cherkasy region, in Ukraine, where he went to the Kiev Art Institute. He was one the most prominent artists from the Soviet Union, having joined the Army in 1944. His commission works stand in public places, such as the mosaic panel “Campaign of the Prince Igor” at entry of the city of Novgorod-Seversk and the image of Jesus Christ in St. Michael’s Golden-Domed Monastery in Kiev. Also, he was the designer of the National Philharmonic Hall of Ukraine. 


Grandson of another famous master, Izhakevich Ivan Sidorovich (1864-1962), Sukhoripa painted thematic pictures, portraits and landscapes. His works are presented in museums, galleries and private collections in Ukraine, Russia and beyond. 



    33 x 24.5 cm


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