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This piece is a representation of life in the countryside – and its contrasts, defined by a combination of tough work and the gentleness of nature. 


Using the asshe artist used an old saw and woodcuts of flowers – a nod to the local craftsmanship.With its nice colours, the sculpture makes a wonderful wall decor statement. 


About the artist:

Julio Pestana is a contemporary artist from Brazil. For more than 30 years he has been using the assemblage technique to reflect contrasts: toughness vs colourfulness, industrial vs natural, old vs new. He uses discarded materials, such as old tools, along with woodcuts. His studio is located in the artistic Minas Gerais State. 


    Diameter - 35 cm


    Please, if you need delivery, feel free to message us at or phone to (+44) 07780 782058, as we can offer options and prices may vary depending on where you are. 

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